After the second magical war, known as the Battle of Hogwarts, which took place between the night of May 2, 1998 and the early hours of May 3 of the same year, the magic ministry approved the W2 law (Honoring that war ) in which every magician under 40 years old, should attend higher magic studies (A rule of which only teachers and members of the magic ministry who met the necessary requirements, were absolved). Also, after each year of studies, would be evaluated psychologically with the purpose of withdrawing the right to magic to anyone who went the dark path of evil.

The prestigious Hogwarts school of magic and sorcery was rebuilt and two more large buildings were added. In the first of these, near the main castle, the higher studies of the students who had just completed their last year in the castle would be taken while, in the distance of the grounds of Hogwarts, there was the second building, destined to the adult magicians. The new course for magicians who had just left school - or who were under 25 years old - had a duration of 5 years, while the adult course was intensive and lasted one year. All those over 25 years old, should take the intensive course, while students who were between 18 and 25 years old, would begin with the first course of higher magic studies and could finish it five years later.

All Death Eaters who did not die in battle were condemned to death by the current minister of magic. Security in Azkaban was reinforced and the number of Aurors multiplied to the hunting and capture of dark wizards.

One day after the great battle, when the magic of the enemies of Dumbledore's army and the order of the Phoenix vanished with the death of Lord Voldemort, some of the people who had died came back to life. A logical explanation was never found, although it was always said that there is nothing that love can not fight and the effort of the magicians who participated in that battle was nothing but love for their own.

No one else was ever afraid to name Lord Voldemort.

Today, after a summer of reconstruction, Hogwarts opens its doors again, so that everyone starts a new course, this time safe. Or not?


Voldemort had made sure not to lose the war, and the Hogwarts thing-for him-was nothing but a miserable battle. He knew he was going to die, it was planned and he had made sure his plan went ahead. Far, far away, where the Ministry of Magic and Aurors would never suspect (and whereabouts unknown to the rest of the world) is a new army, preparing to attack. Led by '' the new Dark Lord '' and composed of the worst beings that the young magicians could imagine, the army waits, waiting day after day to be more powerful, taking advantage of the dissolution of Dumbledore's army and the order of the phoenix.

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