The story focuses on the legacy of Ragnar Lothbrok.

It all started when Ivar decided to accompany his father Ragnar Lothbrock, along with his brothers, to invade England. There, the Vikings lost the battle and were expelled from the Saxon lands, but Ivar, who was wounded, had to stay and pretend to be a Christian cripple.

Suzanne, a Christian who lived on a farm near the river where he had been badly wounded, picked him up, healed and helped him. She was waiting for her dad and brother to turn back from the war. Days later, Stellan, her dad, appeared deadly wounded but Ivar saved him.

He stayed at their house and forgot that he was pretending by falling in love with the girl. Months later, they decided to marry in a christian engagement, but the vikings arrived to search him. Ragnar knew he was alive and never gave up.

When Suzanne discovered the deception she had to decide between seeing how the English killed the love of her life or joining Ivar in the conquest of their own country in order to be together. In the end she decided to stay by his side. After a few battles, they won the crown of England and started a new era where Vikings and Christians were living together as brothers. It all seemed happiness and Sue got pregnant.

One day, while she was talking with one of Ivar's brothers who was her friend even if Ivar used to hate him, Sigurd, he tried to kiss her. She rejected him and he got furious pushing her down the stairs. She lost her baby and almost died. Ivar and Sue planned their revenge and killed Sigurd.

A few weeks later, Octavia, the heir of the Skagerrak problem and a viking woman who grew up with Ivar as siblings, went to England to ask him for help, she wanted to take her kingdom back. A tyrant named Eric had appropriated her kingdom and self-proclaimed king. There, in England, she met one of Ivar's warriors, Asbjorn, and quickly they fell crazy in love with each other.

All together, they decided to sail to Skagerrak to help Octavia to take her kingdom back. The mission went well and she took her crown back and Asbjorn became king by her side. She got pregnant but he didn't knew.

The next battle was the scenary of the worst moment of Octavia's life. Asbjorn died and his body disappeared forever. She had to stay in England with Ivar and Suzanne to be able to take care of herself and her unborn baby. Months later, in the winter, Asbjorn appeared, wounded and almost dead. He traveled the whole country just to find his family back. He started to being really close to Suzanne and Stellan too.

Between some problems in England and the loss of movements of his legs, Ivar turned crazy and drove all of his loved ones away from him.
Ragnar, hating that he was with a Christian and taking advantage of that moment, killed Stellan. Asbjorn, discovering that, killed Ragnar in revenge. Because of nerves, Octavia went into labor and almost lost her baby. Ivar, then, threw them all out of his kingdom and Suzanne decided to leave with them.

In Skagerrak, Suzanne became a shieldmaiden and changed her mind, now believing in the viking gods instead of the christian one. Weeks later, Ivar appeared. He missed her, and Octavia... And obviously, he had a new problem.

With Ivar as King of England and Octavia as Queen of Skagerrak, family conflicts are even greater after discovering that Bjorn has taken over the kingdom of their hometown, Kattegat.

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