1960, USA.

Briarcliff is a small hospital oriented to people with mental problems that require specialized care. Located in the middle of nature, it is the ideal place to calm insane minds, always under the diligent care of qualified nurses and doctors for the control and treatment of these patients, and the disinterested supervision of the nuns who accompany patients in spiritual healing. that they require for their quick improvement.

The hospital has first-class facilities, prepared to contain both moderate and high-risk patients, the latter being taken care of in spaces specially designed for their safety and subjected to novel treatments that guarantee improvement in the patient.

There are facilities for collective use: the common room and the dining room, of mixed use, are available to the inmates throughout the day, and it is there where they can interact and maintain an adequate social contact in a controlled and healthy environment. guarantee your emotional stability. As for the dormitories, shared rooms are offered (up to x patients) and separated in a female and a male wing, provided with everything necessary for the comfort and safety of the inmates.

All this and more make the Briarcliff Hospital the ideal place for the treatment and rest of patients, who will agree that it is an unbeatable place.


The dreaded Briarcliff Hospital ... only imbeciles would believe their cheap palaver. Only the old peeling paint building and dingy facade would make anyone's hair stand on end with a minimum of sanity (which, ironically, does not abound too much around here). Even in the farthest corridors you can hear the dreadful ditty that repeats itself over and over in the common room, without rest or pause ... or is it inside my head ?; The cries and screams fill every corner of this hell, as a permanent reminder of what we are: spoils, laboratory rats. How many of them will know? How many of them, like me, will understand that every stroke of a stick that crosses our backs, every experiment that turns us into mutilated and horrifying beasts that will never see the outside world, only brings us closer to the inhumanity of which facing the world the hospital aims to save us?

Some of us are lucky, some of us are "the pretty face" of Briarcliff, the insane who have the right to sit on the hard chairs of the common room to look out the windows and sometimes even to look at the visitors. Others instead end up in isolation cells, those unhealthy little cubicles of ridiculous size, with just a slit of light, with no possibility of a bed or a blanket to escape the cold and the horror that walks between our lost minds; and even that is a better destiny than to end up in one of the laboratories where we stop being human beings to become faceless monsters, without form, without mind, completely at the mercy of the true madmen: the doctors who experiment with us as if we were animals. They know that no one will come for us, that the outside world sends us here to forget us, to remove from their eyes the uncomfortable insanity.

Briarcliff has no exit, once you enter you will never be able to escape.


1.Inmates begin their daily activities at 7:00

2. The moderate risk inmates perform all their meals only in the dining room at times to specify:

a.Breakfast: 9:00
b.Lunch: 13:00
c.Dinner: 18:00

3. The high risk inmates do all their meals in their respective isolation cell in the same hours previously indicated.

4. The lights in the rooms are turned off at 10:30 PM, so all inmates must be in their respective rooms no later than 10 p.m.

Any inmate, with the exception of special cases, who breaks the schedules or is hanging around at prohibited times will be subject to correction.

1. The inmates can not use other clothes than the robe provided by the center.

2.Inmates can not use jewelry, like necklaces or earrings.

3.Inmates may possess up to 5 objects other than those for personal use, excluding those mentioned below:

a. Fire or white weapons, sharp objects (metal files, nail clippers, needles, knitting sticks, tools, tweezers, etc.)
b. Strong objects that can be used as weapons.
c. Flammable or toxic objects and chemicals.
d. Pencils, pens or pens and paper.

Failure to comply with these regulations may lead to the requisition of the object in question and to corrective measures subject to the criteria of those in charge.

To consider:
1.Inmates can not communicate with the outside world. The visits will reach them and not the other way around.

2. All and each one of the patients are forbidden to leave the center. There are no gardens, or outdoor leisure areas; the meeting place is the common room.

3. Physical-carnal contact with or between patients is prohibited. If one of them is discovered in this attitude, action will be taken.

4.To take into account that once the admission documents are signed, doctors become guardians of the inmates and, until they decide it, the patient will not be able to leave. Also, they will make important decisions such as: type of treatment, operations to be performed, discipline and the treatment of the patient.

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