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It is the recognition feast. Everyone drinks, there's music sounding and the torches iluminate the place as the dark of the night surrounds the place. I arrive, seeing that the others are there yet. I am crawling towards them because my legs hurt even more now that I am using the irons again so I am letting them rest.

I take a sit next to my wife. In front of me, there's Tavia and Asbjorn sits next to her. He doesn't look happy but me neither. My mom, arrives in a beautiful dress with furr and jewels, one in her forehead. Her eyes are profiled with black makeup and she looks absolutely amazin. She sits next to me, right now, I have the most important persons in my life next to me, so I hope they stop me if I do something wrong or I try to fuck everything up moved by my hate.

Some maids bring us horns with beer. I drink, I am obviously mad with the situation.β€” Well, let's fucking do thisβ€” I say, drinking again until the horn is empty.

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It's night. I am in my chambers, getting ready for the feast. I wear a long black dress and my hair is beautifully braided. Today is the day where i will finally get the revenge I have been waiting for so long. When I am ready, I go to the great hall and enter it.

The hall is already filled with many people of Kattegat, who are drinking and laughing. I let my eyes wander over them and then I see Aslaug, sitting at a table with her son, Ivar and his wife Suzanne. With them, Octavia and Asbjorn. Then suddenly, someone puts his hand on my shoulder. I turn around and look right into the face of my son. I smile at him and give him a kiss on his cheek before he goes towards his throne. I watch him and take a horn with ale. Then I go over to the table where the others are sitting at. β€”It's time.β€” I say to Ivar and drink.

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